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Have you suddenly found yourself, through no fault of your own, completely and utterly alone?

At the end of a working day do you return to an empty house and dread the weekends knowing it means yet more time on your own?

Do you wish someone/anyone would call your mobile just for a chat?

If you find yourself answering yes to the questions above, then this website has been created exclusively for you.

Making friends seems so easy when you’re a child, but for many, not as easy when you’re an adult. Where would a person go when they want to embark on a new platonic relationship? It may seem as though everyone has somebody to share their lives with. They have friends, are in a relationship or have someone, be it children or parents, already in their lives.

Sometimes it may feel that due to the lack of any meaningful social interaction, you’ve lost the art of conversation. You may experience an overwhelming feeling of loneliness for any number of reasons.

It’s now time to take the first step in building a new friendship. This is NOT a dating website. This is for those of you simply wishing to make new friends. There are some websites which allow you to go out to organised events to meet friends but you may not feel comfortable for that just yet. We’d like you to explore new friendships at your own pace, in your own time.