The conception of this website was borne after reading a problem page in a national newspaper. A man had described how lonely he felt and had spent most of his time at work because he didn’t want to be alone at home. It wasn’t long before his new holiday entitlement was due to begin and his employers soon realized that he had rarely taken any annual leave. As a result he had accumulated so many days that he now had to use all his annual leave. I remember reading how he was filled with such despair at the thought. He had no wife or children, and with an upcoming bank holiday, he felt even more abject horror at the thought of being in an empty house for an even longer time period of four days as opposed to the usual two day weekend. It seems he already spent a lot of time window shopping and going to the pub or libraries to prolong the journey home. He mentioned how much he wished everyday for a friend and just wanted someone to speak to. He asked if his letter could be passed on to people who were going through a similar situation.

In my view, the response he received to his letter was quite scathing and my heart truly went out to him. He was pretty much told that only children wished for friends and he should get out more (I paraphrase here but you get the gist). He was also told that loneliness was a more common problem than people realised and letters were received on a regular basis from people who felt the same but unfortunately, his letter could not be passed on for security reasons (understandably).

It was then that I knew I wanted to help ease people’s feelings of social isolation, hurt and loneliness. I couldn’t help the gentleman who had written in but I could certainly do all I could in the future. Not many people will admit to feeling lonely. There seems to be a stigma attached to the words “I’m lonely”. Some people say they feel alone and not lonely, but there are some people who are and have no-one to turn to or speak to on a daily basis. What we need to understand is that loneliness isn’t just a state of mind, it’s a feeling and an emotion that can make a person feel completely and utterly lost and detached from society.

If, as the response to his letter had pointed out so crudely, so many people felt the same; then surely there was a need for a social networking site to assist in building new friendships with people who have the same interests. There are numerous networking sites out there but they all have the same objective: establishing romantic relationships or re-establishing existing friendships.

There are people who just want to meet new friends. Xclusivelyou has been created with those people in mind.

Here you can meet people with the same interests, share hobbies, make new friends, be it locally or internationally. Meet people from different cultures, exchange and learn new languages with a with your new friends. It will also give you the chance to meet other Xclusivelyou members in a relaxed and emotionally safe environment.

I always wonder what happened to that man and sincerely hope he found a friend. With our help, you too should be able to find someone you can call a friend.

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